Treatment of Constipation with Medical Defecation and Intestinal Clearing Equipment Using Enema

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The Superiority of Using Medical Defecation and Intestinal Clearance Enema to Treat Constipation

Medical bowel enema device more and more welcome, secondary to its superiority, is that people love to use it, enema device medical bowel defecation device superior secondary has the following aspects 1. economic benefits: only water, no drugs or auxiliary wrist. The 2. is convenient and applicable: the product is filled with clear water, and the water is poured into the rectum to the colon through an electric induction pressure hose, and the water is deepened, and defecation can be made within a few minutes. No need for assistance from others is appropriate for both men and women. The biggest advantage of the medical bowel enema device is comfortable enjoyment: the water head of the hose does not pull out of the rectum, only the anus is clamped, and when the switch is turned on, water will gradually enter the intestine, which is very comfortable. When the water massages the intestines and hardens the hard stools, it only takes 3 minutes to relieve the stools, allowing you to enjoy your wonderful and hearty time.

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