Medical vaginal gynecological irrigator Chinese women sit monthly selection

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Having children is one of the most important things in the life of a woman in our country. There is a custom of confinement in our country. The older generation said that confinement cannot catch cold. Many women in our country cannot eat raw cold in the first month after giving birth. They cannot walk more, lie down as much as possible, and cannot sit more. In short, they are all kinds of attention. The key is not to wash their hair and bathe, and some cannot brush their teeth. They think that all parts of the body will be moldy, especially private parts. Other things can be tolerated, but private parts can go straight to the inside of a woman's body. If you don't wash them, there will be real problems. The medical vaginal gynecological irrigator is presented, so that the private parts of the confinement are also hygienic. The medical vaginal gynecological irrigator makes the private parts of the confinement woman not moldy.

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