Medical vaginal gynecological irrigator pregnant mother more needs to use

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Medical vaginal gynecological irrigator pregnant mothers more needs to use

Pregnancy means the arrival of a new life. It is something that will make the whole family happy. As a pregnant mother, in the process of pregnancy, in addition to being taken care of by her family, she must also take care of herself. During this period, without the disturbance of menstruation that must be reported every month, I feel good. But at this time, we should pay more attention to the hygiene of private parts, and don't relax the maintenance of private parts because of pregnancy, because the hygiene of private parts will affect the children. It is not convenient to wash during pregnancy. Select a medical vaginal gynecological irrigator, which can be washed while sitting. The medical vaginal gynecological irrigator maintains the private hygiene of pregnant mothers, so that pregnant mothers do not worry and the safety of their children is more secure.

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