Enema Medical defecation and bowel clearing device Intestinal health care

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Recently, the market has a fully automatic enema medical bowel clearing device presentation, the effect of tens of thousands of dollars of goods are very similar. The bowel cleaner is complicated to use. After the infusion tube is pulled out of the anus and the switch is turned on after the commodity is automatically pressurized and the water pressure in the bottle reaches 0.5-0.5kg/cm2. The machine will automatically inject pure water into the rectum of the patient to stop the slow impact of warm water in the rectum and colon, which can comfort the intestinal function, restore the peristaltic function and perception function, and discharge the waste in the body. Automatic enemator medical defecation and bowel cleaning device are used without drug ingredients, distilled water, drinking water, etc., so the effect will be great, many white-collar workers are using this method, enema once a week, for intestinal health, is a good way worth introducing.

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