Medical defecation and bowel clearing device not only clean intestines and stomach but also eliminate halitosis

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Every morning, when I wake up and open my eyes to exhale, I can smell my bad breath. I brushed my teeth before going to bed, and I have eaten very light recently. But why is it still like this? When I open my mouth, I bring out a bad smell. It's really embarrassing. It's impolite to talk to people with a mask. I always have to use two chewing gum from time to time, but I can't solve it, this shows that halitosis is not caused by oral diseases. Many halitosis is caused by intestinal problems, because defecation is not clean and the bad smell generated by a large amount of garbage accumulated in the intestinal tract is rising. The medical defecation and intestinal clearing device clean the intestinal tract. The medical defecation and intestinal clearing device can not only discharge intestinal poison, but also remove halitosis.

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