What kind of people are suitable for medical defecation and bowel clearing device using enema

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The suitable application population of medical bowel enema and bowel clearing device is secondary: 1. the elderly, the secondary reason is the muscle health injury of the elderly participating in defecation, the colon peristalsis of the elderly can be weakened, the gastrointestinal reflex becomes weak, the abdominal and lower disc muscle expansion force increases, and the defecation can be weak. 2. patients with stubborn repetitive constipation, this applicable population need not say much. In addition, the enema medical defecation and bowel cleaning device is applicable to people who are slimming and beauty-loving. In the process of slimming, many people do not get enough fiber. When using slimming drugs, the body can not adapt to the new changes which can easily lead to constipation. As we all know, Qingsu can make the skin beautiful, beauty lovers can choose the enema medical defecation and bowel cleaning device for the skin to become more beautiful.

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