Corporate Culture


Efficient and safe

is our guarantee of work

rigorous professional

Is our pursuit of quality

Meticulous and thoughtful

is our commitment to our customers

Advocating passion

is our love of flying

Corporate Vision

United Huabang

United Huabang company adhere to the "rigorous, professional, efficient, safe" business philosophy, to "integrity, win-win" for the purpose of service, is committed to building a first-class team. We take "new management mode, perfect technology, considerate service and excellent quality" as the survival foundation, and are committed to becoming the first-class general aviation company in China.

The national policy strongly supports the development of general aviation, which is an opportunity.

As a general aviation company located in the central city of Southwest China, we will focus on the development of general aviation, continuously improve our own operational capabilities, promote the healthy development of enterprises, and create a complete set of general aviation development industry chain. In order to promote the combination of general aviation and tourism, and carry out air tour projects in suitable areas, we strengthen the development of flight training and increase the proportion of flight driving ability; actively develop non-commercial general aviation such as personal use and enterprise self-use; vigorously carry out aviation sports and experience flight; strive to build general aviation clubs, general aviation enthusiasts associations and other social organizations; increase the groups of general aviation enthusiasts and consumers, do not forget your initiative mind, forge ahead, listen to the Party's words, feel the Party's kindness, and set out to write a new chapter in the development of the enterprise.

United Huabang